Rise of the Runelords

Black Fangs Dungeon
The Adventure Begins

The quaint seaside settlement of Sandpoint periodically has problems with monsters, such as wicked monsters and hungry ghouls, but the citizens always manage to endure and survive. Lately however a far greater danger has come to threaten the town.
A few weeks ago, Livestock started to disappear from nearby farms. Sometimes a half eaten corpse is found, sometimes only bloodstains. The people of Sandpoint are afraid, and mayor Kendra Deverin is growing desperate. She hopes some heroes will volunteer to search out this menace and put an end to it before it kills a person. She's offered a reward of 1000 gold pieces to the group that stops this mysterious creature. Although no one has seen the killer directly, a long black fang was found in one of the animal corpses, prompting the locals to dub the unseen killer "Black Fang"

A group of four adventurers have stepped forward to defend their hometown and seek out this creature. Reedus the fighter, Ender Deadender the rogue, Ellenaea the wizard, and Khistil Nani the cleric will be the hopeful heroes to fight their way through the lair this beast calls home.

As they fought their way through the cavern they encounter an assortment of creatures, ranging from lowly goblins, to giant spiders and even the amphibious Reefclaw. Traps and puzzles proved a challenge for the team as they solved riddles left behind by whoever dwelled here prior to the creatures that now call this place home. However, nothing could prepare the team for what lurked in the very deepest chamber, the fearsome dragon itself, Black Fang. The team put up a valiant fight, but the battle drew to a stalemate and Black Fang, sensing he might be in peril, withdrew from the fight by flying though a clearing in the roof of the chamber, never to return to Sandpoint… Yet…


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